Public Works
that bring public.

At Secundino we specialize in the design, development and execution of large public infrastructure projects. Our works are guided by the values of pragmatism, durability, and ecology.


Bairro dos Pescadores


Pedras Salgadas Station Rehabilitation


Vidago Palace Paths


Advanced Manufacturing System for Sustainable and Productive Roof Rehabilitation

Research for

Productivity Sustainability Efficient Use of Water

Research for Sustainability

Advanced manufacturing for the rehabilitation of building roofs that will allow the reduction and potential elimination of the cumulative environmental impact of its production chain, substantially increasing productivity for the construction industry.

Investigação para a Produtividade

A composite solution for the rehabilitation of flat roofs on current buildings, a completely prefabricated and zero-waste solution, materialized by biological polymers and synthetic polymers derived from the waste of other industries.

Utilização Eficiente da Água

Aiming to increase the building's energy performance by collecting and storing rainwater, and foreseeing the use of the roof area as a landscaped leisure area, integrated with equipment for autonomous power generation.


Retrato Fotográfico de Nelson Bento Ferreira

Nelson Bento Pereira
Cientific Director

Retrato Fotográfico de Nuno Oliveira Ferreira

Nuno Oliveira Ferreira
Project Director

Retrato Fotográfico de Nuno Cristelo

Nuno Cristelo
Cientific Coordinator UTAD

Retrato Fotográfico de Jorge Martins

Jorge Martins
Cientific Coordinator IPV